All you need to know for our international guests in short

For our international visitors here is some information about one of the oldest still existing airfield in Europe.

Starting his first flight in Hangelar 1909, Fritz Pullig made the field sort of „Cradle to Aviation“. One still existing hangar was build in 1917, lasted over both World Wars and can be visited today as a building under preservation.

Hangelar is home for a lot of aero clubs, who cherish traditions of glider- and motorflying. If conditions are good, you will find three winches serving six ropes for gliders, plus one towing aircraft. As well, there are powered gliders, helicopters, ultralight aircraft and aircraft up to 5,7 tons MTOW. The existing 800m concrete runway is about to be conformed to JAR-OPS 1, showing 1200m concrete RWY in some future years, well, we hope so.

International Visitors might be interested in exploring the area, which is full of attractions of all kinds: cultural buildings, museum, classic music or international top acts, historic places that gave inspiration to poets, artists and performers. Take your time to see the Siebengebirge, the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Siegburg and famous vineyards along the rivers Rhein, Ahr and Mosel.

If travelling VFR, the airspaces around EDKB may look restrictive on a first sight, but aviators will find VFR-friendly Controllers on the ATC-frequencies of EDDK, Langen-Information or military airfields like Nörvenich and Geilenkirchen. Just call them and they will provide you their professional help.

Inbound aviators are welcome to visit our field, but there is one important thing, that we want to mention politely: aircraft noise!
Please study the VFR approach charts thoroughly to avoid telephone calls from our neighbourhood around the field. Some people are most noise-sensitive but choose to build more and more homes under our traffic circuit. All aviators are appealed to approach the field as less noisy as possible.

These are just some recommendations to land on our field. If there’s any question for your flight to Bonn/Hangelar, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

Wishing you a good journey and Happy Landings at Bonn/Hangelar